Highland Beef

Highland Beef for Sale

Next sale of fresh Highland Beef will be: Autumn 2018 – date will be confirmed nearer the time.

Please email for more details or to place an order.

Thank you.

‘What beef used to taste like’

Highland Beef is outstanding for its flavour, tenderness and fine texture – all attributable to a combination of factors – the breed itself, a grass based diet, good management and very importantly, correct handling of the carcass. This includes ensuring that the sides of beef are hung for four weeks before cutting.

Lean and low in cholesterol, Highland beef carries just the right amount of marbling through the meat to give that succulence and flavour typical of old fashioned traditional beef.

The beef for sale is from animals born and reared at Mossdale Farm, West Linton in an accredited Elite Health status herd.  They are reared in a very natural way and  are looked after to a high standard.  The meat will have been hung for 28 days.

Meat is vacuum packed in 500g packs suitable for home freezing.

We can also take orders for specific sizes of cuts to meet your needs.

For more details please email Mossdalefarm1@btinternet.com

Customer Comments:

‘the thought of eating supermarket meat after having your beef is not a pleasant one’

‘the roast we had at Christmas we all decided was the best we had ever eaten!!!’

‘the sirloin roast we got for Christmas was absolutely delicious, everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.’